Xi'an Polytechnic University signed a contract with Jinlaibang Valve to establish a graduate innovation technology practice base to promote school-enterprise cooperation and the integration of industry and education.

Recently, the School of Urban Planning and Municipal Engineering of Xi'an Polytechnic University and Jinlaibang Valve Company held a signing ceremony for the graduate innovation technology practice base, marking a new breakthrough in the school-enterprise cooperation between the two sides.



The cooperation project aims to promote the integration of industry and education, and strengthen the technical exchange and cooperation between students and enterprises. Through resource sharing and technology co-creation between the two sides, we will promote the innovation of the college's talent training model and further enhance students' practical ability and employment competitiveness.



It is understood that Jinlaibang Valve is a professional valve design, development, manufacturing and sales of enterprises, with strong technical strength and experience, is an important partner of the institute related professional training and research. The signing and listing ceremony not only provided a new technological innovation platform for Jinlaibang Valve, but also injected new impetus and vitality into the talent training and scientific research work of the college.

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School-enterprise cooperation is an important way for the development of modern higher education and collaborative innovation of enterprises, and the cooperation between the School of Urban Planning and Municipal Engineering of Xi'an Polytechnic University and Jinlaibang Valve will continue to promote the in-depth development of school-enterprise integration, inject new vitality into the long-term cooperation between the two sides, and further improve the practical teaching level of China's higher education and the quality of scientific and technological talent training.

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